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A similar campaign in 506 succeeded in sacking the Chu capital Ying.

Also in that year, war broke out between Wu and Yue and continued with breaks for the next three decades.

These two states were based in the areas of what is now southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang, respectively.

Their aristocratic elite learned the written Chinese language and adopted Chinese political institutions and military technology.

Alison Bitney was visiting a friend in California in September 2014 when the dog named Gus--which had a documented history of aggressive behavior--savagely bit her left arm, which has left her hand with no feeling or function.

The Yayoi people, the ancient people of Wa, in Japan are genetically and archeologically linked to the early people of the Yangtze-river and share several cultural aspects with them.Rickles backed into a laundry room where the dog released his grip, enabling Ms. The pit bull then broke through the door and attacked Ms.Rickles a third time, latching onto her left arm and breaking it in two places,' reads the suit as obtained by Courthouse News.The Han dynasty historian Sima Qian in his book Records of the Grand Historian wrote: "In the south he seized the land of the hundred tribes of the Yue and made of it Guilin and Xiang provinces, and the lords of the hundred Yue bowed their heads, hung halters from their necks, and pleaded for their lives with the lowest officials of the Qin." Emperor Qin Shi Huang imposed sinification by importing Han Chinese settlers to displace, weaken, and ultimately eliminate the indigenous Yue culture and sense of Yue ethnic consciousness to prevent nationalism that could potentially lead to the desire of independent states.To exercise even greater control to sinicize and displace the indigenous Yue, Qin Shi Huang forced the settlement of thousands of Han Chinese immigrants, many of which were convicted felons and exiles to move from northern China to the newly annexed Qin domains.

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